The world’s first system providing real-time insights into what is motivating and demotivating individuals in life, in teams and inside your organization!
“Only 21% of employees strongly agree their performance is managed in a way that motivates them to do outstanding work.”- McKinsey

How Can Motivate Cards Real-time App help You?

Motivate Cards began life as a coaching tool, helping individuals understand what was motivating and demotivating them in Life and Work. The benefits of a card sorting approach were immediately obvious. As well as being fun to do, our clients identified issues that had not been obvious to them before; as well as opportunities they had been sub-consciously ignoring. Soon we were being asked to work inside organisations helping teams to identify similar opportunities and very quickly, it became obvious we needed to automate the process to provide insights on a bigger scale.

The Motivate Cards app is based on exactly the same fun process and brings many more benefits to large organizations and consultancies whilst still being hugely valuable for individuals and their coaches.

The app brings you motivation insights in real time.

Amazing Workforce insights

Where are your most motivated staff in the organization?

What is frustrating the staff who are not motivated?

Wouldn’t it be nice to know in REAL-time?

“Better than a staff survey!”

The Motivate Cards app provides real-time data on all of the elements that are both motivating and demotivating your workforce.

Consultancy Data at a glance

What is driving your client to want to move away from their current job?

What would their ideal job environment look like?

How would you like to accelerate the process of getting to know your clients?

“The most accurate assessment we have ever used!”

The Motivate Cards app identifies the real issues that even the client may be unaware are driving their current actions.

Quick & Meaningful Information

What’s bugging you right now?

Why are you feeling stuck?

Wouldn’t it be nice to know what’s really preventing you from moving forward?

“So much more useful than the traditional tools and fun to do!”

The Motivate Cards app reveals information about relationships, environment, activities and life. 48 dimensions to pinpoint opportunities for REAL progress.

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